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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kristol and Palin Reap the Whirlwind in Arizona

January 10, 2011 at 07:58:08

Kristol and Palin Reap the Whirlwind in Arizona

By Ed Encho (about the author)


Saturday's tragic shooting in Arizona is the logical result from the fires of hatred that have been stoked by America's neocon propagandists and their avenging queen of apple pie authoritarianism out to "take the country back". The right-wingers have been trolling for a shooter for a good while now and they finally got one - how many more are out there?

"They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind",

Hosea 8:7

The least surprising act of violence in this increasingly unraveling wormball of a republc should be Saturday's brutal and tragic shooting rampage in Tuscon, Arizona. Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was savagely gunned down along with a sitting Federal Judge and a nine year old girl when the latest pathetic human time bomb went off in spree of carnage that has sent shockwaves through the land. Whether or not the vicious little creep Jared Lee Loughner was influenced by the ongoing poisonous rants of right-wing payroll demagogues like Glenn Beck and his ilk still has to be determined, that such a brutal and senseless mass murder would occur in the hellhole of cacti, gila monsters and racist Sherrif Joe worshipping freaks that is the a**hole of America (Arizona of course) was inevitable. Loughner, a one-man death panel walked into a local Safeway store where the hated Giffords, mortal enemy of the GOP co-opted Tea Party was making a public appearance and opened fire with the ice-cold, remorseless manner of a highly skilled assassin, once deemed too fucked up for the Army but he could have a hell of a future with some private mercenary army of brutes like Xe, Triple Canopy or any of the other 'contractors' that leech off of the taxpayer dole to murder brown people in the name of almighty mammon and American hegemony.

The only thing more dispicable than the cowardly and brutal ambush was the standard right-wing spin that went into overdrive before the bodies were even cold. Loughner's name has barely been released when already, the Der Stürmer of the American political press, arch neocon William Kristol's Weekly Standard, a fully subsidized print arm of the American fascist propaganda machine and a prized posession of the foreign parasite Rupert Murdoch was denouncing the shooter as a liberal lunatic. The apropos "lunatic" tag puts him right in the fine company of the publishers and their ilk but the idiotic canard that Loughner was some sort of leftist guerilla by linking the mention as a favorite book on the diseased little scumbag's MySpace page of Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto along with Hitler's Mein Kampf was a perfect little bullshit nugget that is sure to go over with all of the scumbaggers and Palinazis. That Communism and Nazism have anything in common would only appeal to the flag-sucking, synapse-challenged sluggards whose mental laziness, internal ugliness and perpetual state of electronically induced confusion are drawn to the Palin-Beck cult as horseflies are to fresh dogshit. Only, in our degenerate, violent and ingorance worshipping culture could such idiocy be swallowed - Hitler hated Commies which is a fact that is pretty much well documented in any history of The Third Reich not produced by Glenn Beck's think tank employed ghostwriters. Long before the Jews were being hunted down like dogs by the Nazis the only serious opponents of Hitler's death cult, the Communists had to be eradicated. Not that the nitwits in our deteriorating dumbocracy bother with reading anything much in 2011. Interestingly enough, there were other notable works in the MySpace profile that are curious enough to call the whole damned thing into question, Orwell's Animal Farm, Huxley's Brave New World and Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 are often invoked by many in this era of a rapidly closing and dangerously hellbent on authoritarian society, it's pretty convenient in my personal opinion to include those works on this maniac's alleged MySpace page. In a year when the criminal U.S. government is about to launch the full fury of the contemptibly corrupt Justice Department on a huge international witch hunt for Mr. Wikileaks Julian Assange and anyone who has remotely sympathized with him should perk up the hairs on the backs of the necks of those who really get it. Of course this leaves out the teabaggers doesn't it?

But I digress....

The Arizona slaughter is just the logical progression for the seething rancor in this once upon a time land o' plenty that has been putrifying the air since the inital launch of the neocon Project Sarah Palin. Long before the doddering old war criminal John McCain (a faux patriot who sold out his fellow prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton for favorable treatment in Nam and made propaganda films for the Commies) in an ill-thought out act of political desperation plucked her from obscurity and sent her rocketing to stardom as the kewpie doll of a virulent and deeply entrenched American fascism, she had been the apple of the eye of the once discredited, anti-American neocons. According to a 2008 London Telegraph article, Neoconservatives plan Project Sarah Palin to Shape the Future of American Foreign Policy and an in depth article by Jane Mayer from The New Yorker magazine entitled The Insiders, it was during a 2007 Weekly Standard Alaskan cruise that the smirking little chimp William Kristol met the silly, babbling b*tch and in very short order achieved an erection that could crack a human skull. According to one neocon who out of fear of Billy Bad Ass declined to be named stated that Herr Kristol had a "schoolboy like infatuation" with the darling of the American dumb and from that moment he was determined to promote her as the high priestess of apple pie authoritarianism to the n-word hating, Jesus juicing, brokedick and busted out flat American peckerwoods who made up the Republican party base. With the ascension of the extremely disappointing corporate sellout Barack Obama as an antidote to the ruination of the Bush-Cheney-Rove Axis of Evil the cunning Kristol would have the perfect operating environment for the restoration of the neocons. By working through Palin to rebrand standard mouth-breathing Republicanism into something bold and fresh by hijacking the libertarian Tea Party movement Kristol and this fellow polemacists, fifth columnists and greed obsessed media moguls such as Murdoch the scorched Earth campaign of cultural destabilization began in earnest.

From the earliest Palin bund rallies in the runup to the 2008 presidential election the meme of "taking our country back" was promulgated by Kristol's rat-f*ckers, the feverish intensity of those October rallies where Obama was denounced as a secret Muslim, a traitor and in more than one instance were worked into such a dervish by Palin that they were screaming for his murder was a flashing danger sign for what was to follow. Once Palin and the Tea Party had been hijacked and melded (along with some help from a greasy little CNBC shill named Rick Santelli) with the perpetually angry and willfully ignorant GOP base as some sort of cultural populist insurgency the game was on. Now admittedly there is much jusifiable rage in this country, with two never-ending and costly imperialist wars, a zombie financial system where the politically connected criminals on Wall Street are bailed out by their whores in D.C., rapacious corporations that offshore former American jobs by the millions and the now obvious myth of the American Dream being exposed people should be as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. But the sheer ludicrousness of the Tea Party and the cult status of Sarah Palin and how it could somehow be successful is stunning even to a hardened cynic like myself. That millions of Americans who have been given the shaft by the plutocracy that owns the entire government lock, stock and smoking gun barrell can be duped into actually supporting a movement fueled by corrupt insiders like Dick Armey and billionaire tax chiselers like the Koch Brothers seems like Bizarro planet. The entire phony Tea Party insurgency is less fueled by any sort of ideology than by the perfect storm of economic collapse, cynical political operators like Kristol and America's first black president, an absolute irresistable target for the bigots, haters and dregs of society. Kristol and the neocons have very obviously been trolling for a shooter for years now, finally they got their wish.

That the American left has failed to capatilize on the righteous indignation in this society, ceding the opportunity to build an actual movement for social and economic justice to the stone crazy fascist element also has played a role in the toxicity but that is a story for another time. Once Kristol and Company had successfully turned the shrill Alaskan hockey mom and pride of white trash Wasilla, the great northern meth mecca into a celebrity, fueled by a pathetically lazy and venal media the angry army had gained legitimacy, so much that the entire Palin family was able to ride the gravy train. America has long had an infatuation with horribly fucked up, dysfunctional, dipshit families, I mean where else could The Osbournes become a megahit and FOX's cartoon series The Simpsons which is now poisioning the minds of a third generation remain on TV for 20 + years? And now Bob's Burgers is coming to FOX to join the electonic lobotomy fest. With Palin's mass cultural popularity providing cover for the real message of seething cultural hate, dog whistle politics and race baiting that has been the bread and butter of the neocons since founding father Leo Strauss perfected the formula the destabilization of the hated BLACK man in the WHITE House's regime was on. I don't know if anyone recalls those nasty little anti-Muslim DVDs of the lurid trash entitled Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, 28 million of which ended up in newspapers back during the runup to the 2008 election but that was a neocon job all the way. The rise of the idiotic Birther movement, the Republican Tea Party's browhshirt storming of congressional town halls to ensure that there would be no legitimate health care reform and the ongoing demonization of Muslims, gays, illegal aliens fueled by cynical multimillionaires like the insidious Glenn Beck all have fomented the hatred leading to Saturday's mass murder, that it would come in Arizona is only natural.

The Copper State as Arizona has as a moniker which is much more benign than befitting of a colony of bigots, fascists and armed to the teeth paranoid freaks that would make Barry Goldwater puke has been at the forefront of the rising tide of hate in America. With the embittered old goat John McCain being slowly pushed out of the limelight as Arizona's preeminent public face and replaced by the psychologically unstable and butt ugly Jan Brewer the state has been on the cutting edge of the new normal in America. An ugly and uncontrollable problem with cross-border crime thanks to Mexico's drug wars and Arizona's Guns R' Us culture along with the economic decimation courtesy of corporate America has ratched up the heat to the next level. With a publicity starved and shameless fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio being exalted as some sort of folk hero among the haters for his Meskin' bashing style of law enforcement and a degenerate like Brewer leading the way with a racial profiling law straight out of Nazi Germany the state has been a shining example of Palin's America and the frontlines for the war against Obama's militant Negro socialist army. When Jared Loughner opened fire at the Giffords rally it was nothing short of an escalation of that war. In an armed to the teeth, paranoid land of fear and anger, the flames fanned by Kristol, Murdoch and their stooges would it surprise anybody if librul [sic] huntin' season soon opens across the land? There will be calls for a national discussion on the vitriolic nature of our politics, mostly by cynical swine like John Boehner and Eric Cantor who had no problem with it all as long as it delivered votes and nine year old girls weren't being murdered by lunatics, they are even putting their ridiculous farce of a vote to repeal Obamacare on hold for a few days, of course their complicity in ginning up the lies about death panels spread by Palin to her droogs on TWITter and Facebook is ignored.

There will also be calls for a government crackdown on the internet and more surveillance, Michael Chertoff must be absolutely drooling over how much money that he is going to make when the Giffords shooting is used as justification to force already cash-starved local governments to further cut down on essential services in order to put those great naked body scanners in malls and stores. Not that it matters to Kristol and Palin and the dopes with Gadsden flags shrieking about the evils of big government, they are perfectly down with a mass expansion of state power if it is oppressive power that they can use to crush their enemies and the more money that gets shovelled into the police state is great because after all, they are doing nothing wrong and have nothing to fear from a government run amok, eaten throughout by the cancer of corruption and building an iron-plated firewall to put down a citizen uprising if and when people stop being duped. Just as long as that big government money isn't going into anything that helps minorities, the poor or drags America back from the brink of becoming the world's largest banana republic, something like a stimulus program that creates jobs or a real national health care single payer system. The hate feeds them and those who encourage that hate in order to benefit politically have just as much blood on their hands as Jared Loughner does.

If and when this country ever awakens, reforms and begins to punish the fascists it should be noted that Julius Streicher was hanged at Nuremburg despite his never personally killing one Jew. Kristol, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, O'Reilly, Goldberg, Gabriel, Levin and their ilk should keep that historical analogy in mind the next time that they sow the seeds of hatred.

Ed Encho is a free lance writer, activist and consultant who resides in West Central Florida and author of the upcoming "A Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy".

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author
and do not necessarily reflect those of this website or its editors.

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